Building a Stronger & Healthier Community

Has the COVID crisis affected you? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our lives are upended. Even those who have been doing well worry about their future. With thousands jobless and the health of our people and economy at risk, I will place your well being at the center of my work for our recovery and our future. This is not a time to be satisfied with the status quo. I am the supervisor who will respond to your needs and be unafraid to take bold action to protect you and our community.

For decades I have fought for you and your families. From La Colonia, representing our poorest residents, then as a councilwoman promoting government accountability, economic vitality, and ALWAYS protecting the health of our residents, I have advocated for you at all levels of government.  You can count on that.

Working families need opportunities and programs protecting seniors, those with disabilities, veterans, our youth, and those with mental health needs.  I will protect our environment, housing needs, strengthen disaster preparedness, and bring better jobs in renewable energy to combat climate change and demand security for those who cannot transition. Vote for our future, please vote for me! ~ Carmen 


Last year, on the campaign trail, I was the only candidate talking about the dire need for enhanced Emergency Planning & Preparedness.

It is clearer now, more than ever, how vital it is to have a County Supervisor that prioritizes the health and safety of our community and one that is willing to back up speeches with priorities, actions and investments that will protect our quality of life and lead the recovery from COVID-19.

jobs, local business & economic growth

We need leaders who will support the recovery of small businesses from COVID-19. I am committed to putting you first as we rebuild our economy together. 

We will pursue a renewable energy future, which is where good jobs are growing and superseding the fossil fuel jobs now in our economy. We need a safety net to provide for those whose livelihood depends on the oil industry, I will work for those two goals as your next county supervisor.

I led our City Council to join the Clean Power Alliance, the Community Choice Aggregator which now serves Ventura County and most of our Cities. Clean Power Alliance is purchasing clean, renewable energy to serve a million customers of CPA, ultimately investing in our communities in projects, which will increase renewable energy into the grid, provide jobs, community benefits, and have lower energy charges than those of the investor-owned utility.


the percentage of Ventura County that SHOULD be running on renewable energy by 2030.


I will fight for your health and access to health care as we recover from COVID-19 while supporting expanding health care options for Oxnard. The county government oversees the health care system, including public health, medical services, the hospital and clinics, and behavioral health.   I will work to ensure that there is an equitable provision of services that are linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Housing & Homelessness

I support more housing options, without sprawl, including transit-oriented housing, so people can get out of their cars and take public transportation, reduce pollution.   I support denser development that does not sprawl; the lack of housing stock has caused the homelessness crisis, as well as the increase in rent. Without more affordable housing, many people, especially younger people who would like to have families, will move away from our community and their families. We need to do this so that businesses can find workers who will be able to find appropriate housing, including apartments, townhomes and single-family homes.  We also need more supportive housing for our elders, people with disabilities and other health issues, including mental health.


I am proud to be supported by our firefighters. I believe that we must support our first responders as we recover from COVID-19 and respond to disasters. Two years ago with the support of two council members, not including the Mayor, I lead the passage of our Oxnard Safe City resolution, drafted by our Chief of Police, Scott Whitney. Safe city confirms the city’s long-standing policy of encouraging immigrants to seek help from our police and fire departments in emergencies when they are victims of crime or witnesses to it. It does not provide sanctuary to violent criminal immigrants. Oxnard is a majority Hispanic city, many residents are here doing the essential, hard work of harvesting our fields, caring for our children and elderly. We need comprehensive immigration reform to allow all of our families to thrive and local leadership that will stand up for ALL of the residents of the County. 

Climate Change

We are a coastal county; we are being affected by sea-level rise, fires, drought, much of which is attributed to a warming climate.   Ventura County is on track to become warmer than other parts of California.  I will vote for and initiate policy improvements that will help our county deal with this crisis.

Climate change has come to Ventura County and to our entire world. We must act responsibly. We have seen destructive fires here and throughout California and beyond. We must get ready for sea rise to affect everything on our coast. There is no doubt that fossil fuels, including oil and gas, are contributing to the rise in greenhouse gases, which are affecting our lives and the future of every living thing on the planet. (Australia has lost one billion animals due to destructive bush fires, which are continuing to this day). Our children and future generations will condemn or praise our response.