The California Resources Corp. (Oil and Gas) PAC [political action committee], “For A Better Ventura County,” reported out in this newspaper, which supports supervisor candidates Tim Flynn, Kelly Long and Matt LaVere with an $825,000 pot of money, is now running a push poll.

The poll targets 5th district candidate Carmen Ramirez. The survey presents positive accomplishments of candidate Flynn followed by negatively characterized statements about Ramirez’s work, for example, to remove fossil fuel plants from Oxnard beaches, omitting the fact that votes to oppose the proposed Puente Peaker Plant were always unanimous.

There are other misleading statements attributed only to Ramirez, mistakes of the full [Oxnard City] Council and management. These dirty political tactics, seen in national elections, are rare locally, and not welcome in election campaigns in our small community.

Voters should understand that, while the PAC is running the poll, candidates who are receiving “campaign assistance” from this PAC have already declared their willingness to take money from the oil and gas industry. We should, then, expect to see more wells and fossil fuel plants at a time when the county is already feeling the effects of climate change. On the other hand, candidate Ramirez has taken a “no fossil fuel money” pledge, the only candidate to do so in the 5th district race.

Lauraine Effress