Ramirez Defends Postal Service


Mayor Pro Tem Carmen Ramirez joins Congresswoman Julia Brownley for a press conference to defend the United States Postal Service from political interference and voter suppression by President Trump. 

Congresswoman Brownley shares:

“I also know that (Veterans Affairs) ships 80% of veterans’ prescription drugs via the post office,” Brownley said. “This has been, and continues to be, an important and critical service to our nation’s veterans.”

Brownley also invited Oxnard Mayor Pro Tempore Carmen Ramirez to share her thoughts on the issue. Ramirez, who brought mail to the press conference, cited an article describing the delays in mail have led to live animals dying and food rotting while waiting to be shipped.”

Californians Asked to Vote by Mail

Today, Governor Newsom insured Californians right to a secure and safe way to vote. We will be able to vote by mail and those who are vulnerable to the virus and other health conditions can do so from the safety of our homes. Thank you Governor for putting the health of all Californian’s at the forefront of your policies. We don’t have to risk the health of our families to exercise our sacred right to vote.

“Citing public health concerns over millions of Californians showing up at voting locations this fall, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday ordered ballots to be mailed to the state’s 20.6 million voters for the November election while imposing strict new rules for anyone who participates in person.”

Read the LA TIMES article:

Learn more about Voting By Mail

Hoy, Gobernador Newsom hizo un orden declarando que todos los votantes de California pueden votar por correo en la elección de noviembre. Con seguridad y sanidad, el ha decido que la salud de cada persona en nuestro estado es lo mas importante. Gracias Gobernador Newsom que no tenemos que arriesgar la salud de nuestras familias para ejercer el derecho sagrado de votar.