Californians Asked to Vote by Mail

Today, Governor Newsom insured Californians right to a secure and safe way to vote. We will be able to vote by mail and those who are vulnerable to the virus and other health conditions can do so from the safety of our homes. Thank you Governor for putting the health of all Californian’s at the forefront of your policies. We don’t have to risk the health of our families to exercise our sacred right to vote.

“Citing public health concerns over millions of Californians showing up at voting locations this fall, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday ordered ballots to be mailed to the state’s 20.6 million voters for the November election while imposing strict new rules for anyone who participates in person.”

Read the LA TIMES article:

Learn more about Voting By Mail

Hoy, Gobernador Newsom hizo un orden declarando que todos los votantes de California pueden votar por correo en la elección de noviembre. Con seguridad y sanidad, el ha decido que la salud de cada persona en nuestro estado es lo mas importante. Gracias Gobernador Newsom que no tenemos que arriesgar la salud de nuestras familias para ejercer el derecho sagrado de votar.



Testing Available

Please share: if you need a test because you have symptoms or have been exposed, please make an appointment and get tested, right here in Oxnard, at the Oxnard PAAC and it’s free. I have asked that this info be available in Spanish too.


We Will All Benefit From Ramirez’s Wisdom & Integrity


I was very disappointed to read that voters may be confused by the huge amounts of money pouring into the Ventura County Board of Supervisors races. California Resources Corp. (formerly known as Occidental Petroleum) is spending money on hit pieces, misleading commercials and push polls. Don’t reward this mean-spirited attempt to buy your election. Vote for Carmen Ramirez for supervisor.

Oxnard’s mayor pro tem, Ramirez is an honest, hardworking, ethical and smart local resident who deserves to be elected to the board. I know that she has spent years protecting the health and safety of local residents. You will want her highly respected, independent voice to continue to make a positive difference in improving the quality of life for thousands of people who live, work and enjoy visiting Ventura County. Our family owns a home in Oxnard and is well-aware of what is at stake.

Send a strong message that this type of politics is not OK. Don’t let powerful special interests know they can win by spending nearly $1 million interfering in your election and misleading voters. Tell them your vote cannot be bought. Oil money cannot buy this election.

As a legislator and teacher who had the honor to represent and work in Ventura County for many years, the results of this election will be felt for decades. We will all benefit from Ramirez’s wisdom and integrity as a member of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

Fran Pavley is a former state senator from Agoura Hills.

Ramirez For Supervisor


I have received an anti-Carmen Ramirez document funded by the California Resources Corp., which conducts business in Ventura County. This crude document includes serious misinformation, asserting that a county supervisor has the authority to change property tax laws and to change utility rates.

By mail, I have voted for Carmen Ramirez, based on her diligence and integrity as a member of the Oxnard City Council. I urge other voters to ignore this false information being mailed to them and vote for Ramirez, the best qualified candidate for District 5 county supervisor.

Sherman N. Mullin, Oxnard